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Martin’s walk-off walk


Well-pitched game. Just what I expected from well-seasoned ace Peavy vs. the young ace-to-be Kershaw (on a good day). Wish I could’ve SEEN it! You have no idea how hard it is for my sight-loving brain to have to LISTEN to a pitchers’ duel-type game like that.

Go Dodg’s!

Finally, a solution?

Without owning any fancy sports packages, this is how I’ll be watching most Dodger games. Huh. I guess it could be worse…it’s in HD and I can watch up to 7 other games at the same time. Haha!


I missed the first several innings but I heard Bills struggled in the 1st. No news there. Fortunately, he did what he does and got the win. Russell…not sure what’s going on with him. I’ll be ready and excited to see his offense pick up soon though.

Kershaw tomorrow! He’s always fun to watch…sometimes ehhhhhhh painful…but tomorrow I’m sure they’ll win it! Also, it’s a noon game and I’m extra excited because Vin told me DeWitt is going to play.

Poorweather friend

I hate my two bay area friends tonight. Just tonight, though, because it’s just one game. This happens. This, today, happens all the time. And it’s fine.


Butttt. Maddux did not look so well, eh. A bit pale in the face, so to speak. But it’s cool. Actually, the last three games were a little uneasy… But we’ve got it.


Right? Right?

High five!

Also, I got a Wii for my birthday (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and I made little miis of Dewitt and Martin the other day. Is that creepy?

tv on the internet

how sad am i about missing loney’s “before the bigs”???? ahhhhhhhhh. bigbutt loney.

other impossible things to find that i would like to see:

–russell martin’s “before the bigs.” russell martin, the baseball bear.

–that weird little thing that fsn’s dodgers live did with dewitt and beimel for the new toy story mania ride.

–beimel’s starting lineup announcements complete with good/bad/good jokes. i know there is one of these on youtube but there should be at least one more that i know of (from june 14th against detroit).

KILL IT; important queries #1

the boyfrand and i had rad field level seats last wednesday when stults
pitched his four-hit complete game shutout ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

i hope stults kills it again-again today. 3-0!

win it, dodgers!!!!

also, at-bat music? how does it work? do they “choose” from a pre-approved, pre-paid list? if not, what are the guidelines? is russell martin really that canadian–enough to genuinely enjoy listening to wild cherry’s “play that funky music”? does andy laroche really think he’s the best around or is he just a huge fan of karate kid and/or steve holt?