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I have a Twitter! Follow me: stephamie. I tweet about baseball sometimes (alienating most of my followers/friends). I’ll probably live-tweet whatever game I’m watching. I follow mostly comedians but there is some good baseball talk on there, too.

If you tweet here are some of my recommendations:

KF***INGP (or should he count as a baseball person? direct link censored by mlblogs)

Baseball Persons
rbaly79 (Roberto, Vin Scully is My Homeboy)
gehrig38 (Curt Schilling)
chaddurbin (Phillies…barf barf barf barf jk)
str8edgeracer (C.J. Wilson, Rangers)
BarryZito (Giants…barf…jk?)
NickSwisher (Yankees)
CC_Sabathia (Yankees)
This list is missing Dodgers 😦

Onto more TV woes. Apparently I have access to SportSouth (Braves) and FSNAZ (Diamondbacks). My cable network loves to tease.

I watched as the Braves lost that 7-run lead to the Phillies in probably the worst way possible. I saw the whole thing happen in one inning and kind of wish I hadn’t. It hurt my Phillies-loathin’ heart to see the Braves’ bullpen fall apart like that. One walk at a time. Ouch.

Here is a photo of BFF activity between Manny and Ethier from Opening Day at Petco Park (from Dodgers.com).


I love the hiptag. Jump and bump. I don’t know what it’s really called but it’s adorable.

Matt Kemp says he doesn’t drink.

Thumbnail image for Dewittbeershower.pngThe NLDS! Hah! Apparently, I had nothing to worry about. The Dodgers totally killed it.

Loney’s grand slam just about made my brain explode. All over the TV. All over the dog. It was gross. Actually, my boyfriend and I leapt from our chairs and started screaming. Our hearts hugged. It was happy. Russell Martin’s reaction was really cute, too!

And when they clinched! They showed almost every player’s reaction as he raced to the mound. SO CUTE!!!!

As I said before! How sweet it is! To be me! A first-time baseball/Dodgers fan! Right now! In 2008!

Now we’re two games into the NLCS. Two games behind. But the Dodgers know what they need to do. They’ll do it–all three at home and then one more away. I know they will!!!! Games 1 and 2 were too close, too well-played for anyone to doubt that they can come back.

dodgers, g.y.s.t.

mmmmmblaskdfjlksdjfa… i don’t know what exactly is happening here… but this team certainly isn’t playing like it’s in contention. like they’ve only got 31 games left to battle for first. like they’re professional baseball players… on a major league team…

i’m so sad that i’ll be listening to portishead all night to further my dejected state.