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“everything is ethier with andre”

hahahahah………….. m’boyfrann said that to me like a month ago and i couldn’t stop laughing ’cause it’s so stuuuuupid/rad.

i’ve been saving it since then…. for a WALK-OFF HOMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i knew it was coming. you knew. you KNEW!!!! I KNEW, TOO. AHHHH.

this is perfect, by the way (from dodger thoughts):
“Ever since Takashi Saito and his smile went on the disabled list, the
best smiles after a Dodger win have been those shared by Ethier and
Matt Kemp when they find each other for their jump and bump.”

saito and russell <333333.
the jump and bump <333333333.

those things help me picture the dodgers as way cute bffs. in my dreams, even jeff kent is a pal. but what the heck, jeff kent!!!! i used to inexplicably enjoy your old-man crotchetiness but you’re getting reallyyyy weird. no to jeff kent.


hey, it’s dewitt’s birthday on wednesday. do you think he is excited?