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Loney Lovin’

Great game tonight! I’m not sure wtup with Randy Wolf in the beginning. D-back’s grand slam–not so fun. Dodgers were down 5 to 2 after Hudson walked in a run. But then Loney came through as he does with the bases loaded (Vin Scully tells me he’s currently ML’s top hitter in this situation) and tied the game! MARRY ME.

Casey Blake brought Loney in to break the tie. Slim Jon did wat it do. And I lived happily ever after. The end.

Unrelatedly, here is a really serious video clip featuring Loney.

(via Roberto at Vin Scully is my Homeboy)

My mind is spinning. I have so many questions…

1. Professional wiffle ball?
2. They give out Cy Young Awards in wiffle ball??
3. James Loney’s shirt?
4. How tall is this wiffle ball guy?
6. Why is Loney so sweaty?

tv on the internet

how sad am i about missing loney’s “before the bigs”???? ahhhhhhhhh. bigbutt loney.

other impossible things to find that i would like to see:

–russell martin’s “before the bigs.” russell martin, the baseball bear.

–that weird little thing that fsn’s dodgers live did with dewitt and beimel for the new toy story mania ride.

–beimel’s starting lineup announcements complete with good/bad/good jokes. i know there is one of these on youtube but there should be at least one more that i know of (from june 14th against detroit).