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way to dlowe it.

grand slam, eh. back-to-back homers. that’s good. good job.

maybe tomorrow we can give up a walk-off in-the-park grand slam to finish off the series.

just kidding. we’re going to win tomorrow. pitcherssss????? kershaw, relievers, i’m looking at yous. kill ittttttttttt.

5 unearned runs!

yesterday’s game was weird. almost painful to watch, even though we managed to pull off a lot of great offensive plays and got the W.

-derek lowe was not fun to watch.
-broxton as usual made me nervous and was not fun to watch.
-we had some weeeird problems with our defense, especially on a couple of the giants’ stolen bases. dude stole home!!?
-i also started feeling kinda bad for the giants’ defense a tiny little bit.
-but laughed when sanchez walked in 2 runs. rad!

kill it, chan ho!!!!!!!!!!!!