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Finally, a solution?

Without owning any fancy sports packages, this is how I’ll be watching most Dodger games. Huh. I guess it could be worse…it’s in HD and I can watch up to 7 other games at the same time. Haha!


I missed the first several innings but I heard Bills struggled in the 1st. No news there. Fortunately, he did what he does and got the win. Russell…not sure what’s going on with him. I’ll be ready and excited to see his offense pick up soon though.

Kershaw tomorrow! He’s always fun to watch…sometimes ehhhhhhh painful…but tomorrow I’m sure they’ll win it! Also, it’s a noon game and I’m extra excited because Vin told me DeWitt is going to play.

c’mon, padres

today’s game was SOLID!!!!

that last out, though–yeesh.

too bad the padres couldn’t get it together. we could be tied for first right now. again. again-again-again.

how rad is casey blake? i’m not just talking about his summer coat. it was about time they put him up front in the batting lineup.

have i mentioned that i love billingsley?

what do you think he did for his birthday yesterday?

by the way, DEWITT IS KILLING IT IN VEGAS RIGHT NOW. kinda, right? see here.

maybe he’ll have a great august in vegas. maybe they’ll bring him back up in september. maybe he’ll have a killer september with the dodgers. and then they can just keep him hot by bringing him up and down every month until he figures his ish out. not that it makes any sense, especially schedule-wise.

2legit, 2legit dewitt.


game 3 vs. the marlins on saturday:
-rad fireworks!!! (“was that a baseball?”)
-extra innings
-5-3 loss 😦

we started the “DO IT, DEWITT” chant and it totally worked!!!!!!! 2-4!!!!!!!!!!!

billingsley tooooooootally killed it yesterday (sun.) omg.
while the other dude totally BLEW his start. 9-1. omgomgomgomgomg.