Happy Belated Opening Day!

New season, new blog photo! It is one in very few photos of me wearing
a Dodger hat and NOT looking like a man. Also, you can’t tell but I’m
wearing a zebra print jumpsuit. Just sayin’.

Anyway, I was so excited for Opening Day that I forgot to watch any games. I
“forgot” because I don’t have cable. Basically, I made myself forget
that baseball was happening because I couldn’t get any. Baseball, that

Ok…so I watched a little bit…an inning or two…but it wasn’t Dodgers so I don’t want to talk about it.

I know I haven’t updated since postseason. I thought about it but
SRSLY…off season…I can’t keep up! Hot stove this, free agent that.
I’m not there yet!

It’s been less than a year for me and baseball so I’m still getting to
know teams and players and managers and stats. I know the 2008 Dodgers
like…like characters from all my favorite Nickelodeon cartoons? (Really
well. Child of the ’90s.) But now, in the ’09, I’ve decided it’s time to acquaint
myself with the rest of the MLBsphere.

As for DeWitt, I’m sad he won’t be playing as much but still grateful
that he’s on the roster. 🙂 If someone’s going to take his place on the field I guess I’m glad it’s Hudson.

Freshly groomed DeWitt from the early days of Spring Training. (From Dodgers.com, I believe.)

Good luck tomorrow to Bills and the rest. Series win! First of the season! Grab grab grab!

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